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About me
Piet Venter is from Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa, known for its finest wines and best quality fruit production.
He is a writer and translator of ebooks and reports on success, self-development and internet marketing content. Piet is well known as a regular contributor to Giveaway events. His internet involvement extends over 25 years as a collector and translator of digital marketing products, private marketeer of free internet information literature as wel l as creation of websites, web forms and other web utilities .
Piet gained good practical knowledge and experience of the functioning of the Internet's many facets and people as well as important webpage languages such as HTML, CSS and PHP. Apllications tested and customized include cPanel, Softaculous, FTP, WHM, WHMCS, PHPlist, Wordpress, Cubecart and website editors.
"I am always on the look out for new developments on the internet and web marketing and loves to share my findings and new stuff with loyal visitors of my websites."
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